SLT – Sea level traversing and snorkelling (public event)


Come and join a group to try SLT, cliff jumping and snorkelling activities.

People outside this 25kg to 100kg cannot participate!
If your waist is larger than 115cm the safety harnesses will not close properly... :-(
If you fall into the sea, you need to be comfortable and able to swim short distances back to the rock, please confirm!


Come and join our public session group to enjoy sea level traversing and snorkelling.

During the session you will have the opportunity to try out sea level traversing. This is climbing over the sea in low level and if you fall you fall to the water. Snorkelling is a great activity where you will discover underwater life at the location in the crystal clear water.

All the equipment needed is included in the price. You should bring with you towel, sun cream, water, snack and swim suit.


Additional information


Sun 30 May 2021 (09:00-13:00) Mistra Bay, Sun 20 June 2021 (09:00-13:00) Xaqqa, Sun 11 July 2021 (09:00-13:00) Mistra Bay, Sun 15 August 2021 (09:00-13:00) Xaqqa, Sun 5 September 2021 (09:00-13:00) Mistra Bay